About Her Culture celebrates African and Caribbean women around the world who are positively impacting community + culture.

We feature women who are blazing trails, facilitate micro grants for women who are driving change, and provide free resources for women who are entrepreneurs & community builders.

Download the Growth Guide to learn some of the methods, mindsets and tools they used!

“The world is yours. Do not limit yourself to just the island and the people around it. There’s so much opportunity for you in the world once you start to look outside our shores. Don’t be afraid to explore.” ~ Dr. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar”

Our agency specializes in culturally attuned content writing for women-led projects.

We write and produce a variety of content for both business and editorial needs.

Who We Are

Hi, I’m Kinisha Correia, a Jamaican living in the United States, and the founder of About Her Culture.

We believe that there’s a world of untapped potential in Caribbean and African connections, and that as the foundation of society, women’s empowerment is crucial to our collective growth and development. That’s why About Her Culture was formed.

This is a space to shine a light on women who are doing great work. It’s an opportunity for community building. It’s a means of highlighting products, services, mindsets, tools and expertise that are shifting and shaping global culture, by and for Caribbean and African women, specifically. 

Meet Our Team

Monique Lawrence
Digital Designer
Alissa McLeod
Graphic Designer
Nicanor Gordon
Ashley Hyde
Web Developer