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PRODUCT LOVE! Mwezi Half Moon Necklace by Yala

This week in our Product Love series, we’re featuring the beautiful Mwezi Half Moon Necklace by award-winning African jewelry company, Yala. 

We’re all about slow fashion… and for that, it seems Yala is Queen. 

Regal and exquisite, this necklace is designed with inspiration from traditional Kenyan jewelry. 

Gold and white glass beads are arranged in a mesmerizing pattern within a recycled brass plate, hanging from a long 18k gold fill chain. Each piece is meticulously hand-assembled by women of the Maasai Mara tribe and by a local artisan in Kenya. 

Not only are Yala’s raw materials ethically sourced, but the brass – the main component of their work – is often recycled. 

Yep… That beautiful, ornate brass plate might have been someone’s old keys or maybe an old trumpet, and now it’s melted, hammered and changed into something luxurious.

The Mwezi Half Moon Necklace is both stunning and consciously made… and that’s a definite must-have in our book.

Check out the Mwezi Half Moon Necklace and other Yala pieces online at yalajewellery.com and @yalajewellery on Instagram.

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