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Bene Caribe is Good for the Caribbean

Bene Caribe means Good for the Caribbean.

Much more than just a fashion line, the brand’s mission is to truly embody that notion of goodness in multiple arenas.

One: Bene Caribe produces high quality, handmade clothing using time-honored traditional craftsmanship.

Two: The brand also celebrates the uniquely vibrant spirit of the Caribbean by highlighting do-gooders across the region.

And, three: Giving back and sustainable, ethical practices are central components of the Bene Caribe brand identity.

Bene Caribe was birthed by Abby Charles in 2015 after moving back home to Trinidad from the United States. 

“I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d find a job. I began to think to myself that maybe I could sell some of my work, because I had always sewn and made jewelry,” Abby explains. 

While the Trinidad-native would eventually venture back to the U.S. and set up permanent residence in Washington DC, Bene Caribe still remains based in her home country – run by an excellent team on the ground. 

“Our brand is for people who want to represent the Caribbean aesthetic when travelling. The feel of our pieces is very comfortable and relaxed. A lot of our prints represent the vibrance of the Caribbean people, and the flora and fauna of the Caribbean environment.”

But, again… Bene Caribe is more than just clothing… The brand’s website also features a slew of interviews with inspiring Caribbean creatives. 

“I wanted to create a business that highlighted all the organizations and people doing good for the Caribbean. So, I want to promote the Caribbean both through my design work and through the platform,” Abby explains.

With a somewhat surprising background in environmental science, Abby brings with her a heightened interest in the fashion industry’s crude environmental impact. She launched Bene Caribe with a steadfast commitment of doing things differently – long before the terms ethical, sustainable or slow fashion had become a thing. 

“We try to be as ethical as possible. We minimize our waste and use organic fabrics as much as we can. I am interested in the idea of slow fashion and implement whatever sustainable practices I can as soon as I learn more about them,” she says. 

Bene Caribe is currently in a process of streamlining its operations for global shipping to reach more people throughout the region and the diaspora. 

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