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How Keisha McDonald is helping women heal from fibroids

Keisha McDonald believes in the healing power of food. A lawyer turned healing coach, restaurant owner, and author, she has transmuted her harrowing health experience into not just lessons, but affirmative lifestyle changes to help Black women everywhere. Her journey has made her a fibroid expert. This condition affects African American women disproportionately, and after slaying her fibroids, she’s made it her mission to be the resource she could have used during her ordeal. Her expertise in womb health and sustainable lifestyle changes makes her an invaluable resource for women battling fibroids.

The self-proclaimed “Fibroid Lady” answered our questions about this under-discussed condition, living sustainably healthy, and how it is the only way forward.

What inspired you to share your fibroid journey with other women and teach them how to shrink their fibroids too? 

Keisha: The title of one of my favorite books is relevant here. It is “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday. During the darkest hours of my fibroid journey, I would often look to find answers from others to no avail. Very few women were speaking openly about their fibroids and certainly none with any as large as mine, with symptoms like mine. Also, the information that was being shared was often riddled with oversimplifications and generalizations. What about women like me? Women who didn’t eat meat, had natural hair, and were relatively healthy outside of fibroids. I vowed to not only find the answers, but to share them once I did. The answers came to me while I was facing my biggest obstacle and challenge.

Fibroids can have many symptoms that are crippling for women. What are some of the symptoms you dealt with, and how quickly did they start to go away after you changed your lifestyle? 

Keisha: My most obvious symptom was a belly that looked like a 6 month pregnancy. However, I also experienced bloating, anemia, crippling period pain, heavy periods, fatigue, low libido and depression. My main lifestyle change was removing toxins from my surroundings and dealing with trauma. In a matter of weeks, my period was lighter in flow and was down from 10 days to 5.

Have your fibroids gone away completely, and if not, how much have your fibroids shrunk since you started your healing journey? What will you do to ensure you continue healing?

Keisha: In my last examination it was neither seen nor felt. However I intend to do an official ultrasound in a few months, which I will share publicly. For me, critical to my healing is frequent fasting, a diet of 80% fresh raw fruit, investing in rest and recovery, prioritizing self care, and ridding my surroundings of plastics and other phytoestrogens.

Tell us three key lifestyle changes needed for womb healing. 

Keisha: 1. Remove the acid forming foods (dairy, sugar and starch are the main culprits). 2. Pay attention to your body’s excretion processes. Ensure you are releasing waste, sweat and toxic emotions regularly. 3. Get to know and love plants. Make womb healing herbs a staple. Ditch your morning coffee, milo or sweet tea for a healthy dose of red raspberry or other womb healing tea. Your womb will love you for it.

Aside from your own, please share another inspiring success story of a woman in your community.

Keisha: The first one is a friend who inadvertently healed her fibroids during a bad bout of COVID. Due to her appetite being completely gone, she drank only water for 21 days. Her fibroids and cysts were completely gone on her next examination. Sheer proof of the power of fasting. The second is a client whose fibroids reduced from 15 cm to 2 cm after only 2 months of my fruit detox and herbal formula. These are the most inspiring to me because both women are over 40 and were told that a hysterectomy was their only option.

Especially in our world, making and sticking to the necessary lifestyle changes for healing can feel daunting for many women, leading them to give up. If you could send a message to those women, what would it be?

Keisha: There is no accolade, degree, professional accomplishment or monetary gain that will reward you as richly as a healthy body. If you are willing to commit to any goal in your life despite the pitfalls and obstacles, then you can and must make the same commitment to your health. None of the other achievements will be enjoyable if your health is compromised. 

P.S. My granny used to say, “Short cut draw blood, long cut draw sweat.”  Dedicate your energy, time and sweat to healing. It may take time but the other alternative will harm you.

What services do you offer women who would like your help in womb healing?

Keisha: I offer one-on-one consultations that come with meal plans and action plans. I also host group detoxes and fasts that arm women with the tools, support and encouragement to activate their self healing powers. 

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