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Access to Fashion with Lisa SeeTai

Where there is a will, there is a way...

Lisa SeeTai wants young fashion designers to know that even if you didn’t grow up with access to finances or other resources readily available, you CAN build something beautiful and thriving. Her personal journey is a testimony to just that… 

Growing up, Lisa sewed as a hobby, but never envisioned that one day she would be the owner of a boutique studio in Trinidad. Eventually, however, she studying fashion at the University of Trinidad & Tobago, and got a chance to attend the London Fashion Showcase. As her skills, exposure and knowledge of the industry grew, so did her vision and belief in the possibilities of a future in fashion. 

While her journey has had many twists and turns, in 2019 Lisa officially launched her own boutique retail space – THE STUDIO SHOP by Lisa SeeTai

“The shop is a curation of local brands that can compete with global brands… Nothing looks homemade, but everything still speaks to the Caribbean aesthetic.”

The studio includes a handful of local designers, including Lisa’s… The Lisa SeeTai collection is a comfortable, Caribbean-inspired line that is designed to fit the wearer well. Along with its signature women’s wear, Lisa has also added a small tailored collection for men, and takes on custom bride and bridal party orders. 

Adamant about the importance of access to knowledge and resources, she also dedicates time to teaching at her alma mater, the University of Trinidad & Tobago. “This is my way of giving back. I would never have been able to afford to go away to university to learn what I did. I am so grateful that I was able to go there to learn. I want to pass that on,” she shares. 

Lisa also offers paid internships, so that young people can gain exposure to the ins-and-outs of fashion industry. 

Added to that, she’s serious about her work being as green, ethical and sustainable as possible.

She uses natural fabrics when she can, and in order to decrease wastage, Lisa always goes to great lengths to find ways to utilize excess fabric cuts.

Visit Lisa SeeTai online

IG: @thestudioshoptt

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