Story & Myth, a Cultural Phenomenon

Photos of musical goddess Zia Benjamin wearing Story & Myth, taken by photographer goddess Monique Thomas.

Story & Myth is somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. 

Travel to Jamaica, or catch a group of Jamaicans somewhere else in the Caribbean, the US, or even the UK, and you’re likely to run into someone wearing an entire stack of Story & Myth wrist beads

These beads are simple, natural and unassuming, but in an unusual twist, also radiate a strong regal essence. It’s as if the beads carry a message… Be humble, revere nature, celebrate authenticity, and also stand in your power, radiate light and accept abundance. 

The line’s founder, Jamaican Kristie Stephenson, effortlessly oozes all these sentiments. She also sprinkles further elements of depth into the line. Each charm has a story steeped in folklore, mythology and cultural tales that are often overlooked for their powerful influence over common societal norms and values.

Stephenson also utilizes the beads as a subtle form of social commentary and hopes they are a compass for their wearers, guiding them to higher vibrations such as peace, contentment, self-love and empowerment. 

Her latest line, for example, embodies what she sees as a growing movement of people seeking authentic connection and community. “More people are seeking spaces where they can take off their masks, where their hearts can be open, and they’re not caged or guarded,” she reflects. 

As a response to what she believes is a collective rising of consciousness, this installation includes charms that are representative of symbols used throughout various traditional cultures around the world for spiritual and communal gatherings. Each of the line’s charms, she says, invokes the ancestral knowledge it was assigned, making it a perfect reminder to the wearer to consciously choose high vibration thoughts and actions. 

“In this social media driven world, people want real connection. We’re seeking our tribes,” Stephenson says.

This line, she continues, honors the strength and healing of the tribe.

Charms from story & myth’s latest line

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