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Wake Up and Live by Kamila McDonald

Check out the Wake Up and Live 2nd Edition


One of Jamaica’s leading health and wellness influencers, Kamila McDonald, has dropped a new revised version of her hefty, information-filled book, Wake Up and Live 2nd Edition: A mind, body, spirit approach to lifestyle change.

This book is filled to the core with value, as Kamila shares secrets to her own dramatic 60-pound weight loss and complete life turnaround. There are over 100 plant-based recipes, including recipes from Jamaican musicians called Reggae Recipes. But, it’s not just a cookbook. Wake Up and Live is a journey. It’s designed to guide you over six weeks to making lasting, life-changing habits through goals, fitness plans, habit trackers, and journaling. This is truly a complete guide to mental, spiritual and physical transformation.

Check out the Wake Up and Live 2nd Edition by Kamila McDonald on Amazon.

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