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Sacred Woman by Queen Afua

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Queen Afua, the mother of all things natural healing and holistic health, has released an expanded 20th anniversary edition of her original bestseller, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Deeply rooted in traditional African healing modalities and spiritual practices, this guide, workbook and spiritual text teaches women how to love and rejoice in their bodies by spiritualizing words, foods, relationships, living and working spaces, and the transcendent woman spirit we manifest. 

With famous students like Jada Pinkett Smith, Lauren London, Erykah Badu and many others, this book is a long time favorite among women of the African diaspora looking to ascend spiritually and radically improve their sense of overall wellness. The book not only dives into how women can heal themselves, but also their families, communities and the world.

“This book was one of the first that helped me start practices as a young woman that focused on my body and spirit as one.”—Jada Pinkett Smith

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