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Sacred Sound Mala by Story & Myth

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The Sacred Sound Mala by Story & Myth is a regal, yet earthy, piece that lifts the vibes of any outfit and its wearer. 

This mala embodies the rich history of the conch shell and its significance in ancient cultures.

“The conch is associated with the sacred sound OM, meant to wake people up when they hear it. It is also associated with truthful speech and strength. The conch shell also holds the waters of life and contains a spiral – both symbols of creation,” Kristie Stephenson, the owner of Story & Myth, shares.

That OM sound is especially important in Hindu cultures, she further explains. The Hindu God Vishnu, the god of sound, is often depicted holding a conch in his upper left hand. The conch also represents the home of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Its association with creation is the reason why in many cultures, a conch is blown before rituals – to invite good luck, and signify the beginning of something important.

But, the conch shell is just one of the meaningful elements of this mala. 

Story & Myth’s signature job’s tears beads are seeds naturally grown on grass in Jamaica. To support the livelihood of the local community, the seeds are sourced from local farmers and strung into malas and bracelets by persons with physical disabilities. 

“The seeds are of the earth and are full of mother earth energy, so they feel good to wear. Everything has an energy and a vibration,” Kristie says.

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