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Groovy Vanilla Oil by Island Skin Line

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This product is literally one of our editor’s favorites! No joke… No baloney! 

The luxurious Groovy Body & Bath Oil available from Island Skin Line leaves you with soft and silky skin and smells wonderful too. 

Studies show that vanilla essential oil not only helps to relax the mind but it also has skin restoration properties. Rich in antioxidants, the compounds found in vanilla extract help to neutralize free radicals, preventing, and in some cases reversing,skin damage.

In addition to the vanilla, the oil is made from a combination of avocado, almond, coconut and sesame oils – all of which have unique benefits to the skin. Avocado and sesame oils both protect you from harmful U/V rays and pollutants that damage the skin. Coconut oil reduces inflammation and keeps your skin moist, and almond oil fades blemishes on the skin and diminishes puffiness around the eyes.

Rub Groovy Body & Bath Oil on after a shower to seal in moisture, or add it directly to your bath, leaving you with supple skin afterward. All while turning heads with the exquisite scent. We hope you love it just as much as our editor does!


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