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Grandma Stell Mule by Brother Vellies

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Mules are back!… although they never really left… And, Brother Vellies’ Grandma Stell Mule clearly stands out from the rest.

Brother’s Vellies was founded in 2013 by Aurora James with one goal – to preserve and promote traditional African shoe designs and practices. 

Born to a Ghanian father and Canadian mother, and splitting her childhood between Canada and Jamaica, Aurora is a modern-day renaissance woman. She has backgrounds in activism, design, photography, art, journalism… and the list goes on. She combines all these talents in her unique brand.

The Grandma Stell Mule is just one beautiful example of this. It’s a high-end shoe that proudly boasts its quality – “Made in small batches by hand. Never going on sale.” – as the Brother Vellies website notes.  

Using her own personal experience as a backdrop, Aurora makes the bet that people want to know more about the clothes they wear. They want to know about how it was made. 

In a 2020 Vogue feature, Aurora speaks about the influence her mother had on her outlook on fashion. “Everywhere my mother and I went, anything she put on her body, had a story. She would explain why clogs originated in Holland, and the types of wood they used to make them. She’d visit Inuit communities and show me their entire tanning process, all the byproduct materials, and tell me how they used them to create those shoes,” she explained.

The Grandma Stell Mule just also happens to be one hell of a conversation starter… What more could you want from a shoe?

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