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Georgie Combs by Freer Essence

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Strikingly simple, these individually hand-carved combs are made from Jamaican Lignum Vitae wood. The filmmaker, artist and curator who also owns the brand that produces these combs, is using them along with other artisanal work, to spotlight Jamaican art.

Based in Jamaica, Freer Essence is a 100% natural skincare brand that handcrafts small batches of nourishing body and hair oils. 

When we caught up with the brand’s owner, Ania Freer, she couldn’t stop gushing about one of the latest editions to the line – the beautiful Georgie Comb. 

Striking in its simplicity, and individually hand-carved from Jamaican Lignum Vitae wood, the filmmaker, artist and curator, is using this comb, and other artisanal work, to spotlight Jamaican art.

The comb is carved by Georgie, one of the many artists profiled on Freer’s moving online art exhibit, Goat Curry Gallery. 

Georgie was born in the fishing village of Treasure Beach on the South Coast of Jamaica. He was a fisherman, like his father before him, until a back injury sidelined him. He now carves wooden pieces to survive, expanding from just fishing tools like canoes, to model pieces, boxes, and of course combs. In a profile on Goat Curry Gallery, he reveals his process, “I just look on the wood and think ‘this can make something.’”

Wood from the Lignum Vitae is sometimes known as ironwood. It’s one of the hardest woods in the world, making it very difficult to work with. Almost ironically, it also has healing properties. The wood’s sap and resin can be used to make tea, treat sores and blisters and, according to some, even help manage arthritis.

Ania saw something beautiful and cyclical as she watched Georgie work. 

“He’s using a screwdriver and a mallet, knives and hammers…whatever he can get his hands on,” she explains. Banging and chiseling the wood cuts and bruises his hands, but he treats it with the resin, taking all he can from what nature provides him.

Ania hopes that healing energy comes through when people use the comb. “The comb just felt like a lovely way of transferring the oils from the wood to the hair and the scalp,” she says. 

Through Freer Essence, Georgie gets a 65% kickback on the sale of each comb. 

Honestly, what’s not to love about these beautiful, artsy, and maybe even healing, combs?

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