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Batik Afrikimono by the Bombchel Factory

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The Bombchel Factory’s Batik Afrikimono brings together a hybrid of cultures that are oceans apart. 

Combining the traditional cut of the Japanese kimono with African batik techniques, these one-of-a-kind robes are perfect for lounging by the pool or nightwear.

Believed to have originated in Java, Indonesia, batik is the process of carefully applying wax to fabric and then dipping it in a dye. The spots that are covered with wax are untouched by the dye, leaving a negative space design. How batik arrived in West Africa is a point of debate amongst scholars. The romantic version is that the Belanda Hitam, African soldiers indentured by the Dutch, carried home these exquisite designs that captured the imagination of their countrymen.

Regardless of how true this is, the striking handmade Afrikimono ships worldwide, and like everything else from The Bombchel Factory, is created in their all-woman factory in Liberia, using sustainably sourced indigenous fabrics. This piece, indeed, embodies the best of both worlds.


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