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PRODUCT LOVE! The Sleeveless Swing Top by Meiling

The Sleeveless Swing Top by famed Trinidadian fashion designer, Meiling, is an instant classic. 

The piece hangs loosely off the body with Meiling’s signature minimalist look – no frills, subtle and timeless.

Despite its sober presentation, the Sleeveless Swing Top is far from a simple garment. 

Each of Meiling’s creations is handmade to order, and this piece is no exception, with its hand-embroidered lace on the front. 

A big plus about Meiling is it isn’t a line that will make you worry about your environmental footprint. Meiling has been at it for over 40 years now, and from the get-go she has always used responsibly sourced natural fibers and stuck to a conscious production process. 

Meiling’s pieces are sustainable in every sense of the word… So there’s no doubt – with proper care, you’ll have this top for decades to come.

Check out the Sleeveless Swing Top and other pieces by Meiling online at meilinginc.com and @meilinginc on Instagram.

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