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If you’ve immersed yourself in the fashion world, you’re no stranger to seeing some out-there designs. 

BUT, have you seen anyone wear a math equation? We’re not talking about plus and minus signs…. We mean patterns derived from mathematics. 

Well, DIARRABLU’s catalog is built on the intersection of mathematics and style. 

The brand’s design process is the result of innovative creative mathematics through the use of algebraic graphs and geometric transformations to create iconic prints. 

The majority of DIARRABLU’s pieces are produced in Dakar, Senegal and the brand’s ethos is focused on sustainability, wanderlust, tradition and algorithms. 

Their Finetti Mules have leather soles, with deep orange-rind bands, and toes with a Jacquard combination of deep gyraf blue and peach splashes… It’s this pattern on the toe where the math lives. 

Even using a Jacquard print harkens to another marriage of calculations and fashion. 

Jacquard prints are created fabrics that have multiple colors or drawings woven in them. Back in the day, the original Jacquard loom with its punch card system, was the basis for the first computer.

Now you have a story to tell everyone who asks you about your new shoes…. And, they will ask, you can be sure of that.

Check out the Finetti Mules and other offerings by DIARRABLU online at diarrablu.com and @thediarrablu on Instagram.

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