PRODUCT LOVE! Live Fit Kitchen Cookbook by Sharon Feanny

A few years ago, highly revered Jamaican yoga queen, Sharon Feanny, released her long-awaited cookbook – Live Fit Kitchen. 

With over 100, mostly plant-based, delicious, healthy recipes – this cookbook was definitely well worth the wait. 

We’ve tested some of the recipes ourselves, and we can guarantee they’ll make you ask yourself, “Wait, this is actually good for me?!”

Sharon’s been at this for over thirty years, nourishing the bodies and the souls of those in Jamaica, the wider Caribbean and across the diaspora, through programs around yoga, wellness, detox, spirituality and clean eating. 

With the cookbook, she has taken her community into her sacred kitchen to show them what makes her body, mind and spirit tick at their highest frequencies. 

With recipes for any meal of the day, particular highlights include Raw Cacao Energy Bombs, Pumpkin Ginger Coconut Soup, and a personal favorite, her Jerk Almond Pate, which has just the right amount of spice and flavor that you want to put it on everything.

More than simply a cookbook, this is a manual on how to live a holistically healthy life. 

We’re pretty certain… This cookbook will definitely serve your body and family well for years to come. 

Check out the Live Fit Kitchen cookbook and other offerings by Sharon Feanny online at sharonfeanny.com and @sharonfeanny on Instagram.

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