PRODUCT LOVE! Day 106 Art Print by Natasha Cunningham

If we’re all given a drop of creativity when we’re born, someone must have tipped the entire bucket on Natasha Cunningham.

The Jamaican graphic designer and art director challenged herself to work on a digital collage every day for the entirety of 2021, and the results were spectacular.

For us, a particular highlight is the Day 106 Print… No time for unique titles when you’re releasing over 300 pieces of frameable art. 

Day 106, like all the other prints, was dropped with no explanation, leaving it all up to audience interpretation. 

Featuring a woman photographed in black and white, adorned with pink and red-colored thorny roses, we could only wonder… Is it a thesis on femininity; on how women’s voices are regulated in society? Or, is it just meant to look beautiful and be a stunning rendition of the mask-wearing days of the pandemic? 

Whatever you decide, unfortunately the Day 106 Art Print is no longer available for sale. 

All of Natasha’s prints, it seems, are extremely limited. And, it’s no wonder – over the last couple of years her work has become spectacularly popular around the world, and she has amassed an impressive list of clients including Adobe, Harper Collins, Amazon Publishing and Netflix.

Nonetheless, with this artist’s seemingly superhuman work ethic, we are sure she will release something that catches your eye soon. So, be sure to stay plugged into this talent’s online platform.


Check out the Day 106 Art Print and other Natasha Cunningham pieces online at natashashaneek.com and @aboutnatlife on Instagram.

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