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Yummly Nature Limited

Yummly Nature Limited

We are an online-based fruit, veggies and food produce store that liases with ethical farmers and logistics providers, to deliver ethically farmed produce to our customers, within an agreed timeframe. We sell locally-grown produce like Sweetcorn, Potatoes, Bell peppers and the likes. In line with the UN Sustainable goals 1, 2, 3 and 8, Yummly Nature aids poverty alleviation by providing job opportunities to farmers, and keep them in Business, by providing a steady available market for them. Once there is constant access to affordable nutritious food, good health is achieved and hunger can be easily curbed. By empowering the labour sect and innovation, economic growth is certain. Our produce are responsibly packed in biodegradable boxes to reduce the plastic pollution rate.
We are customer centric and we innovate more ways to ease our customers pain point, an example is our chemical-free convenience fruits and veggies packs which are hygienically bagged and can be kept frozen up to 12 months.

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