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Viem My World Photography Camp (VMWPC)

Viem My World Photography Camp (VMWPC)

View My World Photography Camp was conceptualized when it was realized that students had limited variety in the camps they attended during their school break, especially for the long summer period. I believed students returning for the new school year should have new knowledge/skill and experiences. The camp teaches students the rudiments of basic photography as well as introduces them to video editing, animation and drone technology with a focus on environmental advocacy. The daily activities are guided by a set curriculum that balances learning and play. Other activities would include, for example, a visit to Jamaica’s watersheds where they would gain knowledge on how the forests play an important role in the water cycle, how water is channeled to our homes etc. They would have sessions on etiquette through the hosting of an event where they get a chance to dress in semiformal attire and get tutelage and experience from a certified coach.
Additionally, the camp addresses the issue of affordability. Many times parents would love to have their children experience new camping activities but find that financing it becomes a challenge. VMWPC provides an affordable way out by even providing daily lunch free of cost.

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