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Tsibinki_ is a digital platform dedicated to supporting African creatives in their craft and creativity. Through the platform, creatives can access opportunities in different fields and countries. The platform caters to African creatives on the continent and across the diaspora. Opportunities include grants, study funding, employment, residency applications.

Opportunities are shared via Twitter and the website, and soon on Facebook, too. The project that this funding will go towards is an archive/database that will consolidate organizations across the African continent. The database will include general information about the organization, contacts, annual funding opportunities and windows, major projects, etc. This will be a space for Africans to find relevant businesses and organizations to collaborate with, giving them a place to learn more about how they can develop and make an income from their creativity.

Examples of the kinds of organizations that will be profiled on the database include BASA, The Goethe Institut, LOATAD, and more.

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