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The name of my business is @fillys_mandala on Instagram.

The name of my business is @fillys_mandala on Instagram.

I am a dot mandala artist. Dot mandala is done with the technique of pointlisim. This kind of art has a therapeutic touch to both the buyers of my art and I who takes a good amount of patience, passion and dedicated time to produce them.
I also paint contemporary tropical plants.

I have currently fully become a full time artist and this simply means that I do my art day in day out. I have also done a workshop where I teach art/dot mandala.

My dot mandala works are used during meditation or for aesthetic purposes.

The satisfaction I got from holding my first dot mandala workshop is beyond words. Altho I didn’t not make enough money out of it, seeing people enjoy and heal themselves through art was the ultimate goal.

Now that I am a full time painter, I want to utilise all the possible way to make a living out of it and also teach alot of people and help them find healing through art.

I want to buy and ship in materials for my art as it is expensive here in Kenya or even not available. I look forward to qualifying for the grant.

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