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Survival Scholars

Survival Scholars

Survival Scholars is a support system that empowers students with social and emotional learning skills to build their resilience so that students can overcome any school or life challenge and maintain a balance with their mental health and wellbeing with their academic performance. We empower students through the arts including puppetry, drama, art and craft, poetry, film and music while including storytelling for social change at the heart at what we do. We use a multi layered approach to connecting with students so that we can appeal to various learning styles and multiple intelligences

We encourage students to open up and share their stories so that they can connect with each other and learn valuable lessons. As the founder I lead through sharing my own personal story to be vulnerable so that students can relate with me. My story can be viewed here and

We offer services to help students cope with bullying, peer pressure and other mental health challenges they face along their school journey as well as techniques to boost their academic performance such as study strategies, memorization techniques and helping students understand their learning styles to study effectively. We work with parents and teachers also

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