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Seawoman's Caribbean Writing (project)

Seawoman's Caribbean Writing (project)

For 15+ years, Seawoman’s Caribbean Writing has been an online hub for writers (of various genres) of the Caribbean and beyond.
Before my labour of love, the blog, I’d get excited about researching publishing opps. Then for international writers like myself, especially from my under-represented region, find out we’re not eligible. So, after losing paper-based notes and data from computer crashes, I put it tigether online. Here I:
•curate good quality publishing opps and contests (both paid and non w/ most no fee) ii) visual artists/ photographers also can find it useful
•offer tools, tips and resources
•share info on intellectual property/ rights
•feature Caribbean writers
•share news about literary and relevant cultural festivals, events, workshops and residencies

Caribbean Writers – which I founded, began as the main Facebook avenue for the blog – has evolved into its own dynamic entity. Writing can be a lonely pursuit so having a community with people relating to your culture, helps. Mainly comprising Caribbean writers and global lovers of Caribbean literature, there are 1,980 (& growing) members from 45+ countries. We connect & share news and accomplishments.

•working towards adding updated episodes for associated podcast

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