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Santana Chevel

Santana Chevel

“Santana Chevel” is being developed into a world-renown brand that is focused on encouraging others to be authentically themselves in order to truly heal & find peace in living.

The journey starts with yoga classes/sessions to tap into the mind, body & spirit connection. Yoga is the first modality of healing that I personally took on this journey & it is what continues to aid me day to day.

A healing “space”(physical as well as virtual options) will be curated to facilitate diving into deep subconscious beliefs. These are beliefs that have held & continue to hold not just women but also men & children in a state of mental slavery that perpetuates the suffering of our people from generation to generation.

Along with yoga the healing space will feature journaling/writing, healing foods, and meditation. The purpose of this healing space is to show others that we can manifest the life we desire with joy & ease instead of fighting & working ourselves close to death’s bed for a fruitful income & a life worth living.

Apart from this healing space i currently have my first self-published poetry book out, with the 2nd being edited along with 3 other books.

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