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Oqkra and Bour

Oqkra and Bour

Oqkra and Bour, (name inspired by the rich Ghanaian Language) which means Soul and Stone is a Kenyan handmade brand creating architecturally inspired jewellery made from earthly materials. Oqkra and Bour creates wearable art from high-quality metals such as 18k gold plated brass and fine silver, and local materials such as olive wood, mosaic tile glass and locally mined gemstones creating a diverse array of products attracting both local and international clientele. Oqkra and Bour seeks to grow in the local male-dominated semi-fine jewellery market and take up more space as a woman leading the processes of sourcing, designing and selling unique finished goods directly to the consumer. Oqkra and Bour jewellery aims to allow women to express their identity, eclectic personalities and authentic style in a fearless way. The designs are inspired by architectural design principles such as repetition, hierarchy, colour and proportion. Oqkra and Bour’s sourcing and production process is sustainability-focused often recycling brass, wood and mosaic tiles. As an earth-conscious brand, we prioritise high-quality durable materials and reusable packaging moving away from fast fashion business practices. Oqkra and Bour creates consistent income for local artisans and preserves traditional jewellery-making practices that are passed down through apprenticeship.

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