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Nyota Limited

Nyota Limited

Nyota Limited is a food manufacturing enterprise set up in Kenya operating under two brand names, namely;

1. Frozen Isle Brand -Commenced its operations in the year 2020 with the aim of providing healthy nutritious food that is fast and easy to use. Our range of products are;
i. Fresh Frozen Vegetables – Garden Peas, Mixed Vegetables and Sweet Corn
ii. Fresh Frozen African Indigenous Vegetables – Managu, Kunde, Terere and Sagaa
iii. Pre-cooked and frozen legumes – Beans, Githeri and Baby White Maize

2. Ntamu Brand – A line of specialty sauces that was launched in the year 2021 to manufacture natural and nutritious tomato based sauces that are rich in flavor and aroma. Our range includes;
a. Pasta Sauce
b. Pizza Sauce
c. Tomato Puree

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