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Necessary Network

Necessary Network

We are a women-led business who have been in operation for over a year in South Africa. We believe that women who love themselves support other women. We have an ongoing sanitary product drive that is built into the fabric of our business. For every R250 ($15) spent on Necessary menstrual cups, we will donate 1 to a young woman or girl in need. Menstrual cups are a long-term sustainable solution.  We want to ensure no one has to go without period care. Our aim is to stop period poverty in South Africa & as we grow, the continent at large. The aim is not merely to eradicate period poverty but to change women’s interactions with their periods and their bodies. This allows them flexibility and freedom, gifting women with the peace of mind to tackle life as they would during any other time of the month.  When we do our sanitary product drive, we educate young women not only on how to use our products but also about sexual wellness, health, and body autonomy. South Africa has some of the world’s highest rape and femicide statistics. As we empower women, we hope that we’re able to turn the tide

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