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Mi Natural

Mi Natural

Mi Natural is an upcoming premium cosmetic company with the vision to become the earth’s most loved beauty ecosystem. Our mission is to provide premium quality nutraceutical beauty products in an eco-friendly way for global sustainability. We believe it is our social calling to help our local and international community overcome their beauty conditions be it hair or skin-related, primarily focusing on hair loss. Our main objective is to help our consumers to love themselves for who they are and express untethered self-confidence. Mi Natural offers a packaged hair growth system containing a: scalp brush, derma roller, serum, shampoo, and conditioner- working to cleanse, soften, strengthen existing hair, and promote hair growth in bald spots. Through our website, we track our consumers’ recovery progress via a unique My Journey account. We also educate them about the best haircare practises through our blog posts and social media. We are seeking funding to expand our business and serve 150 customers quarterly , deliver 600 systems within 1 year.

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