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LUNTU: Conscious Shopping, Made Easy

LUNTU: Conscious Shopping, Made Easy

LUNTU is a conscious e-commerce platform that is a socially & environmentally responsible version of Amazon. On LUNTU we sell everything from eco-friendly fashion, to Black owned technology.

On LUNTU, customers may see what type of product they are buying with the LUNTU Index. The LUNTU Index shows if a product is Black owned, woman owned, LGBTQ+ owned, person(s) with a disability owned, eco-friendly, vegan & more. We have 15 LUNTU Indexes in total.

Most LUNTU vendors – the businesses that sell their products on LUNTU – are micro to medium sized businesses owned by someone who is part of a marginalised demographic. Roughly 80% of our vendors are Black and/or women.

LUNTU itself is a 100% Black woman owned. Although LUNTU is a South African business, we deliver conscious items to everyone in 27 countries and 6 continents.

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