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Les Poupees D'Or

Les Poupees D'Or

I am in the business of building self confidence and promoting self love in children of African descent all around the globe. After noticing the lack of Black doll options available in stores in my city, I was inspired to create my own Black doll company in order to fill this need. I learned how to craft doll clothes and change the hair of original dolls, to re-style them with typical Black hairstyles. Although I didn’t have a business plan and much experience at the time, I was able to create an amazing product that drew in customers and even attracted attention from the media. I understand the importance of positive representation and children are at a sensitive developmental stage where positive representation is crucial. Therefore, exposing them as much as possible to images and objects that reflect their beauty is important.

My dolls have afro hair, curly hair, brown skin, and are dressed in gorgeous attires made with African inspired fabric. The goal is to offer a larger variety of products, like puzzles and apparel, all in the same spirit of promoting self love in children of African descent.

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