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Koss Preneuer /Koss Jackets

Koss Preneuer /Koss Jackets

Fashion entrepreneur
I’m using the NFT Space to support the project.

We created a phygital product called Koss Jacket by me being the creative director. This is about unity in diversity. This we projecting by incorporating 3 different textured fabrics together.

Introducing Koss Preneuer (PFP)
He / She is an entrepreneur who is striving to achieve his/her goals. He/She is strong as he/she is soft at heart and have resilience..
He/She wears each Koss Jacket which showcases the rich African prints to inspire other entrepreneurs..

Each Koss Jacket is unique
Koss Preneuer wears adinkra necklaces and brotches to signify his/ her strength.
The background color resonates with his/her personality and self awareness…

NB:Adinkra are symbols from Ghana that represent concepts or aphorisms. Adinkra are used extensively in fabrics, logos and pottery. They are incorporated into walls and other architectural features. Adinkra symbols appear on some traditional Akan goldweights.

There will be 100 PFP’S created. (50/50, male and female)
Some collectors receives the phygital product. (10/10, male and female)
Each collector receives Koss Jacket wearables depicting African prints airdropped.

Koss Preneuer Project proceeds goes to fund Fashion/Arts Initiatives setup to train young artists and designers build their talents and support them..

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