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Keri Fashions

Keri Fashions

Keri Fashions is a local fashion house based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our main aim is to create apparel that is 100% manufactured in Kenya using fabrics and accessories sourced mainly from Africa. We advocate for the expression of beauty in its diverse forms with a major emphasis on what encompasses an individual’s identity. We embrace our traditional concept of beauty, and so design for a beautiful African woman! We strive to give every outfit a personalized touch, and believe that when our clients look good they feel good and that is where we derive our motto of ‘Look good, feel good!’ It is important to note that Keri Fashions is a circular economy and an equal employer organisation
Our products and services include:
• Ready to wear
• Design and Tailoring
• Attire for Special Occasions, like Galas, Proms, Bridal functions – both church and traditional , parties etc.
• Hair Accessories and Head-ties
• Fashion Accessories
• Uniforms and promotional items

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