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The increase in adulteration of agricultural finished produce is alarming. Most Nigeria homes are regular victims of this ill. Flours such as Yam Flour, Beans Flour, Garri are easily adulterated. These foods are basically found in almost all Nigeria homes and the fact that children are the highest consumers make the impact worst.
Knowing that there is growing concerns especially among mothers for safe food, I started sourcing dried yam directly from farmers, then process into flour and package it.I introduced it to few mothers in my worship center and my Whatsapp contacts.

Since then, with suggestions from customers, we added other products such as Beans flour, Garri and we started packaging already picked Beans. This is to reduce cooking time and make cooking more convenient and fast.

Our packaging is hygienically done to prevent any form of adulteration that can result from poor handling. We offer doorstep delivery so as to make it accessible even to the busy moms.
We look forward to create a future in the African market where consumers will no longer be afraid of consuming agro produce and where a working class woman and even stay at home moms will feel secured in their home.

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