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Creatives Auction

Creatives Auction

Creatives Auction is an online marketplace that was created to shine the spotlight on African Creatives (visual artists, craft makers & indigenous fashion designers) and help them sell their work more easily to a global audience. This reduces the need for them to depend on 9-5 jobs that are mostly unavailable and allows them to earn comfortably doing what they do best – create.

Creatives Auctions’ set of solutions includes the following tools;
– Auction marketplace: This allows Creatives to put their work up for auction and let the market decide the value of what they want to sell. The winning bidder (that surpasses their reserve price) gets to buy their work.
– E-commerce marketplace
– Dashboards for Creatives to manage works listed and sales: Creatives are able to see details around the work they have listed on the marketplace including; total gross sales for the month, number of orders received, refund requests, reviews etc.
– Dashboard for buyers to track their orders
– Metaverse Galleries
– NFT marketplace: Opens up more opportunities for Artwork sales for Creatives from Africa leveraging Web3.

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