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Alagbafo Laundromat

Alagbafo Laundromat

With laundry being one of the most difficult chores, our store provides a seamless operation that meets everyone’s demand at any given time.
We are a value adding small business dedicated to serving the occupants of our community by making the cost of our services very affordable. Being a small business, we also assist indigenous laundry soap makers by patronizing them and promoting their small business.
There is a significant demand for laundry services within Ilorin metropolis, it is on this premise that we set out to be unique in lessening the burden of laundry on our esteemed customers, we are not only dedicated to serving our customers with professional laundry services but also with good packaging, all at affordable rates.
We also have pocket friendly packages for all of our customers to make it easy for them to patronize the brand and at the same time save a lot, both financially and time-wise.
Unlike our competitors, we have ample opportunity and strength to take over the local market within Ilorin with our vast experience and interaction with locales. We have better chances more than our competitors because we relate with our customers in the language, they understand best.

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