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How Lauren Tomlinson is adding a dash of love to Jamaica’s food scene

By About Her Culture Team

This June a gorgeous vegan restaurant opened in Ocho Rios, Jamaica called Lala’s Nutmeg.

In preparation for the opening, the spot’s young and super-ambitious owner, Lauren Tomlinson, alongside a team of rising, young Jamaican visionaries, released creative assets to announce her entry into the country’s dynamic food scene. 

The production’s beautiful imagery aptly represents the 22-year-old’s commitment to fresh, locally grown foods. “There was nothing like directing my story. I know it best, so I was in my ‘ackee’, literally,” Lauren shares. 

Lauren aims to build awareness around the wellness benefits of a plant-based diet through fully vegan dishes that are equal parts healthy and exquisitely tasty. It’s a personal mission fueled by her own transformational experience.

“There is nothing like directing my story. I know it best, so I was in my ‘ackee’, literally.”

Lauren Tomlinson

Her journey to veganism began when trying to solve a seemingly undiagnosable health condition. Her father, a doctor, challenged her to become vegan for a week, and in that week, everything changed. “Since then, I’ve been a better person holistically. I would love for people to feel that change through small habitual practices and mindful eating.”

Lala’s Nutmeg operates under the mantra, Nourish to Flourish. “We aim to provide joy through a beautiful environment, unforgettable service, and most of all, mouthwatering vegan bites that make you ask ‘are you sure this is vegan?,’” she explains.

But why the name Lala’s Nutmeg? This also ties back to family, this time her mother, Anna-Kay Tomlinson, a fellow restaurateur. 

“At my Mom’s second location, Miss T’s at Murphy-Hill, there’s a huge nutmeg tree. All because of this tree, Mom has always wanted to name another restaurant Nutmeg,” she says. The ‘Lala’ portion is another take away from her mother. “I was inspired by the way my mother built a brand on her nickname – Miss T.” Put Lala and Nutmeg together, and the rest was history.

So, with the restaurant finally opening, we asked what’s next for Lala Tomlinson? 

“Such a hard question, because I’m a dreamer, and I’m still very young,” she reflects. “There are a few things that I love. I believe that my creativity can take me just about anywhere, however, the main goal is to ensure that wherever it takes me, I’m happy – as cliche as it sounds.”

Visit Lala’s Nutmeg on IG @lalasnutmeg

Creative Credits

Creative Director: Lauren Tomlinson

Photographer/Film: JP Williams 

Model: Lauren Tomlinson

Stylist/Wardrobe: Shampagnex 

Jewelry: Karib Arts Boutique

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