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Hmgrwn & Co. – Minimalism & Sustainability in Skincare

Hmgrwn & Co. is a skincare line that is cruelty free, toxin free and gluten free – made with bioactive, native Jamaican ingredients.

After spending 11 years working in finance in New York City, Danielle Terrelong decided to move back to her hometown of Portland, Jamaica. 

When the lounging all day, beachy vacation life of Portland became intolerable (yes, that happens too), Danielle then uprooted to Montego Bay where she’d go back to corporate. 

Then came an epiphany… A divine download… A life-changing moment. 

“In 2018, I went to TmrwTday. I really committed to the process of the festival, which is about knowledge of self, letting things go, and coming into a new you. There was a session about the future self – connecting the present you, past you and the future you. During that session, I had an epiphany, a spiritual moment. That’s when Hmgrwn came to me,” Danielle shares 

After the festival she immediately packed up and moved to Kingston, where she felt she could better harness the potential of her new business idea. 

But there’s more… 

“Truthfully, Hmgrwn is about 24 years old… and I’m 30 years old. I had bad eczema as a child, and creams and medicines only made it worse. My mom had to make and use only natural, homemade products on me. That was the beginning,” Danielle explains.

She says Hmgrwn was launched with one product that she concocted seven years prior, while living in Massachusetts during a particularly treacherous winter. 

“That winter wreaked havoc on my skin. So, I began to test recipes and finally came up with a product that helped. It was amazing. My skin loved it and started thriving. Even during winter my skin looked great and was so soft. My hands wouldn’t crack, no matter how cold it was outside. That product is now my signature scrub. It’s a cornmeal scrub with cold-pressed coconut oil and my own blend of essential oils.”

Once settled in Kingston, Danielle started vending around town, and was immediately successful. That was two years ago. Since then, Hmgrwn has been sold to customers in Greece, Brussels, the UK, Scotland, the US, Qatar and, of course, throughout the Caribbean. 

“This brand is inspired by my lifestyle of minimalism and sustainability. I want to encourage ethical consumerism, instead of wasteful consumerism. I want people to be more aware of how the consumer affects the economy and environment, instead of just buying blindly.

“I take my time and only use tried and true ingredients that I can pronounce. Your skin is your biggest organ and everything you put on it ends up in your bloodstream. 

“There is intention put into every aspect of the brand. We use glass containers, and we do refills with customers all over the world, to decrease waste. It’s rewarding for people to know that they’re buying something that is doing good. The ingredients are 100% clean, pure and environmentally friendly, and they won’t harm you, your family or your pets.” ~ Danielle. 

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All photos are contributed.

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