How Ramona Riley is Healing Vaginas

Before officially taking her seat as the Vagina Lady, Ramona Riley was just like many of us. She was building her career as a teacher, while balancing life as a mom and wife. That’s until her reproductive health got thrown into a tailspin, and she was diagnosed with a rare disorder called adenomyosis. 

“Basically, with adenomyosis your uterus is ill-shaped and growing on top of itself. It’s like a heightened type of endometriosis – a lot of women have both. I was bleeding heavily and clotting. I had crazy pain three weeks out of every month, and pain during sex. I had hormonal issues, and I had a miscarriage. I was a hot mess…”

Ramona was told she needed to have a hysterectomy. However, days before the procedure she changed her mind. That single decision would change the course of her life. 

She decided to heal herself, and her reproductive rebirth took only a few months. Diving super-deep into research, Ramona cut out meat, filled up on womb-supporting herbal teas, immersed herself in sound and color therapy and began exercising. 

Even though she had been told that she could no longer have children, by the end of the period she discovered that she was pregnant. She’d go on to have a completely natural birth, without doctors, en route to the hospital, in her SUV. By using a hypnobirthing technique, Ramona says that was one of the most euphoric experiences of her life. 

“I had to change my thought process about how my body works. I opened up to how the universe, sky and planets affect my health. I felt I was reborn after that process. It propelled my life in a new direction.” 

Fueled by a new sense of purpose and direction, Ramona buried herself deep into studying holistic health, herbology, metaphysics, hypnobirthing, women’s health, and of course, natural birth, reproductive health and pregnancy. 

Several certifications later, through her business Cosmic Wombman, today Ramona leads women through a unique protocol that helps heal reproductive issues, optimize wellness for a healthy pregnancy, and hold women’s hands through the entire process of healing, to birthing and postpartum.

“It’s important to get the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the woman in balance, remove blocks and heal adult and childhood trauma. We purge physically and emotionally, then build back,” Ramona says. 

Since she started working with women in 2012, Ramona has amassed countless clients who have arguably miraculous testimonies. 

There are women who were deemed infertile for years, who got pregnant within months. Others completely reversed chronic diseases such as endometriosis, PCOS, cysts and fibroids. Hormonal imbalance, PMS and menopausal symptoms have also been eliminated. 

“I’m usually women’s last resort. They’ve decided that if this doesn’t work, they’re done. I give them some hope,” Ramona shares. 

Operating between Jamaica and the U.S., the popularity of Cosmic Wombman and The Vagina Lady has grown exponentially within the last couple of years. Ramona believes that the surge in interest in alternative healing is due in part to the times. 

“In the age we’re living in – especially this Aquarius age – people are looking for something else. We’ve tried the traditional system and have lost belief in it. When women hear my approach it’s a breath of fresh air.”

Ramona says her mission is to educate women about reproductive health and remind them of their innate power to heal themselves. She also wants to help women understand how beautiful the birthing process can actually be.  

“The more we love and heal ourselves, the better human beings we will be, and the better our Earth and world will be. If we heal and nurture ourselves, we can heal the whole universe,” Ramona affirms. 

Visit Cosmic Wombman online at cosmicwombman.com + on IG @cosmicwombman

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