An interview with African entrepreneurial legend in the making, Chidi Ashley

It is no exaggeration to say travel is in Chidi Ashley’s DNA. Though born in Canada, this young woman was raised in Nigeria, South Africa and England. By simply chasing her passions for travel and business, the budding entrepreneur is blazing a path as a successful dual entrepreneur.

Her travel experience company, Luxe Tribes, aims to spread the joys of travel to anyone willing. Images from its official Instagram showcase Black women in spaces where they’ve either been actively excluded from, or never explicitly catered to. These images, for example, depict them enjoying scenic Bali, exploring the volcanic rock in Iceland, and relaxing in luxury in Dubai.

Chidi Ashley spoke to About Her Culture about the advantages of growing up in Nigerian culture, maintaining her drive, and turning a passion into a career.

How do you think your Nigerian heritage and time living in Africa fueled your success?

Chidi: It absolutely has! I grew up in a competitive environment, and went to a school where popularity was determined by your academic accomplishments. This lit a fire in me to want to perform academically at the highest level. That, coupled with the fact that my grandparents were professors, meant that we were pushed to stay grounded and focused on being the best academically. Nigerian society also really pushes you to be headstrong and resilient. As a society, we leave almost no time to lick your wounds when things go wrong. This upbringing has really shaped me into a woman who is mentally tough and always ready for a challenge! Entrepreneurship is really about problem solving and dealing with competition, which I really enjoy and feel like I have been shaped to handle due to my upbringing. 

Has being a Black woman with Nigerian roots ever presented any challenges for you along your journey? If so, how did you overcome them? 

Chidi: I made it my goal to focus on how I could better serve my community, which in turn has changed something that may come as a challenge into a superpower. Much of my business focus and the projects I have worked on, have been geared towards creating solutions for Black women – for the African diaspora and for Africans. Throughout my business journey I have received so much support from these communities, which has really been an integral part of my success in business. 

To do what you have done at such a young age is MAJOR. What gave you the vision, drive and confidence to pursue your dreams so early in life? 

Chidi: I have always known I wanted to be a business owner, I just never knew how early I would be plunged into the world of entrepreneurship! Getting comfortable with taking risks gave me the confidence to pursue my goals as an entrepreneur, I know that ultimately the fear of regret was something I refuse to live with. No two days are the same when you are running a tech company (Readyhubb) and a luxury travel company (Luxe Tribes). I am always kept on my toes and I love being able to be a part of two businesses that care about solving problems for our customers! This is what truly excites me about running a business, the impact that we get to have on people around the world.

What two destinations have impacted you the most, and why? 

Chidi: Bali, Indonesia and India! India was a major eye opener for me. It was a full sensory experience, and my first time really getting outside of my comfort zone as a traveler. The time I spent in India really opened my eyes up to the world and deepened my love of connecting with people and exploring new cultures. Bali has also been an important part of my story. This is where I first started my solo travel journey and where I moved to when I decided to leave the U.S. and build my business. During my time in Bali, I spent a lot of time figuring out who I was as a person. I spent time hyper-focused on my business, and I developed a strong confidence in myself, which has helped me navigate so much later in life.

If you could send a message to Black women around the world about the importance of taking time for travel, what would you say? 

Chidi: The growth that comes from travel is immeasurable. If there is one gift you can give to yourself, especially while you are young, it would be to get out of your comfort zone and get out of your bubble through travel. Experiencing the world from another lens really helps shape your perspective and deepen your appreciation of life. 

What 3 tips would you give Black women who dream of carving out their own unique picture of work and life as you have? 


  1. Focus on solving problems for a community that you have a connection to and a deep understanding of. This will help you create solutions that are impactful and have meaning to your customers. When your business solves a problem, gaining traction feels natural!
  2. There is a solution for everything, and when there is no solution, there is a lesson. Do not miss an opportunity to receive feedback – especially from your customers – and learn. 
  3. Trust yourself enough to dive in fully when you feel that momentum coming from your business and your customers. Sometimes we wait for what we think will be the perfect circumstance or perfect condition to wholeheartedly pursue our dreams. Life has taught me that there is no perfect circumstance for getting started. Just start, and commit to learning as you go!

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