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Who We Are

About Her Culture is a budding, multifaceted platform that features, supports and connects African and Caribbean women, based both in their homelands and throughout their diasporas.

Each week we feature a woman who is a creative, entrepreneur and/or community builder, whose work is positively impacting community + culture around the world.

We also develop a variety of resources, including an upcoming online catalog and a print magazine, to help our community grow their global reach, and make fruitful international connections.

Our goal is to empower African & Caribbean women, strengthen our entrepreneurial ecosystems, and play our part in fostering social and economic development.


Our mission is to positively impact our global community…

Empowering Women

By sharing the stories, mindsets, tools and resources they have used to break through social and economic barriers.

Building Awareness

By shining a light on those that are creating positive change, and highlighting opportunities for others.

Enhancing Growth

By presenting opportunities for women-led businesses and projects.

Creating Connection

By emphasizing the commonalities of women’s stories, and spotlighting possibilities for collaboration.


makes the dream work


Our founder and managing editor, Kinisha Correia, is a seasoned, award-winning journalist, content writer and editorial director, who has worked with a variety of publications and businesses throughout the US and the Caribbean. Her body of work largely explores the cultural intersections of: (1) women of Caribbean and African descent effecting positive change across the globe; (2) a people and planet approach to business; and (3) wellness and its correlation to social equity. Kinisha is Jamaican and currently lives in the US.


Ash Hyde
Ash is a web designer, marketer and independent music label manager.

— Ash Hyde

Web Designer

Monique Lawrence
Monique is a web developer, marketer, branding specialist and graphic designer.

— Monique Lawrence

Digital Design Expert

Alissa McLeod
Alissa is a branding & communications consultant and graphic artist.

— Alissa McLeod

Design Manager

Nicanor Gordon
Nicanor is a writer with specialties in film, TV and editorial.

— Nicanor Gordon

Writer | Editorial Assistant

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